6th May 2019

This quantitative research focused on individuals in Great Britain. The fieldwork was carried out between July and August 2018 and therefore represents a one-off estimate of the scale of the gig economy in that period of time.  Scale of the gig economy and characteristics  The NatCen Panel found that 4.4 per cent of the populationin Great Britain had worked in the gig economy in the last 12 months. This is roughly 2.8 million people. This figure is based on aone off study with a relatively small sample but provides a robust guide to the number of gig economy workers. Those involved in the gig economy were generally younger than the rest of the population. Over half of those involved in the gig economy (56 per cent) were aged 18 to 34 compared to 27 per cent of the whole sample. The levels of educational attainment were similar between the general population and those involved in the gig economy.  Those involved in the gig economy most commonly lived in the London area. While just 13 per cent of the general sample lived in London, 24 per cent of those involved in the gig economy were based there. Nature of gig economy work Providing courier services was the most common type of gig economy activity. Forty-two per cent of those involved in the gig economyhad carried out courier services in the last 12 months. Performing other jobs found through websites or apps  was almost as common, mentioned by 37 per cent of those involved in gig work. Provision of transport services (28 per cent) and food delivery services (21 per cent) were slightly less commonin comparison. Uber was the most commonly mentioned platformused. In total, 18 per cent of those who had been involved in the gig economy work said they had provided services through the app. Freelancing platform PeoplePerHour and delivery service Deliveroo were both mentioned by 12 per cent. A wide range of other platforms were also being used. We belive that by creating a gig economy in the Catering and hospitality industry and by utilising incredible military and veteran talent we can help to fill a huge void within the industry